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VIP Tickets for 10th April 2022 on sale soon


If any business have any donations , discount vouchers ,or flyers they would like added to our goodie bags please email or


Thanks to everyone buying VIP tickets for the Irish Vegan Festival this October. We have very few VIP tickets left, but standard advance tickets are available up to the day itself. Advance tickets still have a priority queue over turn-up-on-the-day tickets.

VIP tickets are £15 and include early 10am entry plus a goodie bag made up of donations we receive from kind stallholders and businesses ! They help us raise even more money for Farplace Animal Rescue



Buy yours here;

Bunnies in need !

Our bunnies really need your help!
A short while ago, we were asked to help eleven rabbits from one household, due to their owner being unable to meet their basic needs.
We took in this group who were all neutered and lived together as one family unit. They were all unwell, with snotty noses and fits of sneezing.
They have had several courses of antibiotics but are still unwell and all of them need ongoing veterinary care. Our vet believes they are suffering from Pasteurella, although one is also showing signs of E. cuniculi. All of them had a terrible ear mite infection, and one rabbit “Rain”, may need an extensive ear operation due to the damage caused by this.
Due to the health problems suffered by this family group, we have made the decision (with help from our veterinary team), to temporarily withhold any rabbit rehoming and to not take in any other rabbits, until we have managed to sort their health. We cannot take the risk of passing these health problems on to other rabbits.
We desperately need your help to continue to give these rabbits the best of You can donate in several ways. Use the Donate button on here to donate through Facebook.
The PayPal address is
You can also give via Virgin Money Giving here:…/finalCharityHomepage…
You can donate to us by JustGiving following this link:…
If you prefer to donate by text, you can do this by texting NEUTER to 70300 to give £10; LOVE to give £5; STAFFIE to give £3; or LICK to give £1. Add the words NO INFO after your text and we will not send you any further texts after the initial automatic Thank You.
Any money raised above the veterinary costs for the rabbits in our care, will help the other animals here.