Talks for October 2019 confirmed so far!

The talks schedule for  6th Oct 2019 so far…

11am   Richard Deboo:  Because the wind, it blows white feathers – a poetry and prose evocation of vegan love.

Richard will perform a brand-new vegan poem and then talk about what it means for all of us (i.e., everyone must go vegan now!)

12noon Sean Allen Why Vegan?

Sean Allen is an animal rights activist, and in this 30 min presentation, Sean provides you with the reasons and the how to as to why you should adopt a Vegan lifestyle regardless if you care for the animals, the environment and your health.


12.30 Cliff Grant

Let’s talk ‘vegan’. He’ll share some thoughts, ideas and experiences from his time doing street outreach on how to avoid arguments and instead have productive, effective and meaningful conversations on veganism.

1.45pm Dr Lorraine Hanna will do a brief talk, then play “How not to die”

A screening of Dr Michael Greger’s presentation ‘How Not to Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers’. This presentation discusses the compelling evidence for the prevention and treatment of disease such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease through a plant-based diet


3;15pm sea shepherd

Sea Shepherd UK is a registered marine conservation charity whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife around the UK’s coastline and across the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species

by Jacques Brennan
author of HUNGRY SOUL – How to Cook / 100% Vegan
Where would we be without the chickpea? Think only of Hummus… some of us eat hummus every day. The chickpea is nearly a meal all by itself! I find cooked chickpeas and just a few ingredients make wonderful simple and tasty dishes.
Jacques will share 3 of these recipes he makes regularly, each put together in minutes!




Demo cooks needed !

Do you have a easy vegan receipt  you would like to share with our audience?

We are looking for Demo cooks at the IRISH VEGAN FESTIVAL on 6th October to show people how easy it is to live a vegan lifestyle.

If you can help , please email Kerri at or Bethany at

Thanks so much

Irish Vegan Festival 6th October 2019

We are pleased to be returning with IRISH VEGAN FESTIVAL on the 6th October 2019 At the Europa Hotel, Belfast 10am-5pm

We will be on 3 floors of the Europa Hotel, join us for a fantastic day with lots of hot food, cakes, cosmetics and more!
We’ll have some amazing speakers holding talks throughout the day which are free to attend for ticket holders.

Ticket sales on sale now or pay on the door, all money raised goes direct to helping the animals in our care…..


VIP Tickets for October 2019 ONLY A FEW LEFT

Thanks to everyone buying VIP tickets for the Irish Vegan Festival this October. We have very few VIP tickets left, but standard advance tickets are available up to the day itself. Advance tickets still have a priority queue over turn-up-on-the-day tickets.

VIP tickets are £15 and include early 10am entry plus a goodie bag made up of donations we receive from kind stallholders and businesses ! They help us raise even more money for Farplace Animal Rescue

Buy yours here;

Nennie update

UPDATE: We have covered the cost of the “quick fix” short term op, but we feel it will be in Nennie’s best interest to do the ventral bulla osteotomy which gives her the best chance of a pain-free future. This operation is not without its risks but must be better than needing 4 or more surgeries a year for the rest of her life. We have been given a significant discount and will be seeing a referral vet who specialises in this sort of surgery. Please, for Nennie’s sake, can we push this further to try to get to the target £1,410.94? Many thanks.

Earache is really nasty – especially when you are really really frightened of the doctor (and everyone else!) and poor Nennie needs a lot of help for her poorly ear. We have told you about our semi-feral friend Nennie before. Way back in April she needed an ear operation due to having a polyp blocking her ear canal and an abscess behind it causing all sorts of problems and much pain for the poor girl. She has been having treatment ever since and is still having major issues with her left ear. The polyps are still growing and once again have blocked her ear canal, so the treatment cannot get to the site of the problem. She also now has a ruptured ear drum. It has come to the point where we feel surgery is the only answer for this sweet little girl. We have 2 options. We can have her anaesthetised every few months to have the polyps removed, or we can fix it once and for all with a ventral bulla osteotomy surgery. The once and for all fix is expensive (in the region of £2,000) and not without risk. This will take us a while to save up for, so our plan is to get the polyp removed again very soon (£222.22) and save up as much as we can to be able to afford the more major operation. Please can you help this little lady? She has suffered so long, and it is time we put a stop to it. You can donate in several ways. Use the Donate button on here to donate through Facebook. You can also give via Virgin Money Giving here:…/finalCharityHomepage.act… The Paypal address is You can donate by texting NEUTER to 70300 to give £10; LOVE to give £5; STAFFIE to give £3; or LICK to give £1. Add the words NO INFO after your text and we will not send you any further texts after the initial automatic Thank You. Alternatively, if you prefer to give directly to our vet, please message us for details. Many thanks. All money raised over the cost her care will be used on our outstanding vet bill, so will directly benefit our other animals.

Book a stall

We are taking stall bookings for the festival on the 6th October 2019 at the Europa Hotel , Belfast. If you are would like to see a stall prospectus, just email Kerri at or Bethany at

Kerri Head of Events and Bethany Events manager

Vegan Events Team at Farplace

Vegan Events Team at Farplace Animal Rescue

This is the vegan events team at Farplace Animal Rescue. Kerri , Bethany and Gareth who are here to help you have an amazing experience at all our festivals and can be contacted at any time at , or tel 0191 263 4736